Privacy Policy


a) confidentiality is a human right, and software should help protect your rights.

b) we do not require you to register or login.

c) we do not have access to your funds (private keys).

d) we do not need your name or email address.


Registration / Login is not required

GetBalance does not require you to register or login.


Camera data remains on the device.

Your camera will be used only for reading QR codes. Images from the camera will never leave your device.

Summary Usage Statistics

We may collect information about using GetBalance to improve features or user interface, but we will only use this information in an aggregated, anonymous form and never contact your name, email or order personal identification information.


Support request

If you contact support, we may randomly collect your personal information as part of a request for support, but we will try to keep this information safe and confidential. Support information may be managed through a third-party service, and additional terms of this service may apply to your support request.

Privacy issues

Questions should be directed to:

GetBalance reserves the right to change or add to any part of its privacy policy at any time in the future.

©2019 by GetBalance

©2019 by GetBalance